We all have come to terms with using normal makeup brushes and it's a necessity; but how about using some different brushes this time? This is something that is rare but is exceeding everybody's expectations making them fall in love with these super cute brushes. Have you purchased your bunch of happiness already?
1) Unicorn Makeup Brushes - Naomi
These beautiful Unicorn Brushes have made their way to Mango People and we are obliged to make it available for everybody. These are available in a pack of 10 pieces for 10 different purposes that will be answerable to all your buffing and blending needs. The collection is inspired by unicorn handles with rainbow bristles.
First collection is a set of 6 brushes for the face and the other collection includes a set of 4 brushes.
2)Unicorn Makeup Brushes - Alice
Mango People have made these Ombre Blue Makeup Brushes set available now and everybody is swooning over these mystic brushes. It is a set of 7 brushes altogether for face and eyes. Coming on the bristles, they're in colors of soft purple and fairy white and it makes the brushes look even more desirable with the handle in shades of blue and pink giving it a prism look. Hurry, before they're fished out already.
3) Limited Edition Unicorn Makeup Brushes - Helen
Mango People welcomes a new set of Unicorn brushes to their family of Makeup tools. These brushes give a golden shiny touch to the handles and the bristles give a shade of pastel pink and fairy white adding to the charm of the brushes. It is available in a set of 10 which is further divided in a set of 6 and a set of 4. Set of 6 is basically for the face and set of 4 is basically for the eyes.
Hurry up, very few left in stock. All the brushes are available in all three colors and sets. Buy your pack of bliss before it's too late to choose from these unique gifts for girls.

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