Women are just not women, they are wonder women. Men cannot even think of what all struggles women go through. Sometimes it's unbearable, sometimes it's grievous, but we never complain and never demand. It's how we were created, and we do not really regret being one. We love who we are! Mango People shadows some of the struggles to which all women will relate to.
Yes! What about our dreams? We still don't complain, leaving all our aspirations and marrying the one our parents decided for us.
We take all the pain upon us. Giving birth to a baby is almost like taking a new birth itself. And super women, don't say it.
Period cramps are one of the worst nightmares a woman wakes up to! It's deadly but we tolerate it without anybody's notice.
The picture itself is self-explanatory. Feel the struggle!
If you're reading this, you're one in a million! More power to you and all the women out there. Shine bright and fly high! You deserve it and we relate to the struggle. Happy Women's Day!

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