Every girl is headlong crazy about cosmetics, and it is really difficult to choose one, isn't it, girlies? It's a complete maze when we step foot in a cosmetic shop. It's something which doesn't only happen with you, it happens with everybody and it's crazzyyy! It's a feeling where we go gaga, and we believe there's no better word to describe it greatly. Well, Team Mango People figured it out and is ready to reveal it!
1) Anastasia Beverly Hills
Anannya Agrawal (CEO)
"I recently purchased contour palette from Anastasia, and I didn't experience any disappointment.  The shade is perfect for my skin tone and type, and I'm in awe. Now, I just cannot switch to another brand after using this. It's like a drug, my skin is addicted to."
2) MAC
Sanya Suri (Stylist)
"Happy girls are the prettiest! Well, I'm totally in love with MAC. It's been 4 years since I'm using it and I'm a loyal customer of the brand. A few days back, I purchased a Baby Cream and a Lip shade according to my skin tone. And, I am not turned down. It gets a vibrant look to my face."
3) Inglot
Kanica Mago (Product Development)
"My skin tone is normal, and hence when I tried other brands for the concealer, it just didn't show much. It was when I tried Inglot, that made my skin shine and bright. The only brand that I have faith with with my Concealer is Inglot. It is one brand, that makes my tone stand out."
4) Chanel
Sowmya Batra (Designer)
"The only brand that I love wearing is Chanel. This is the only brand I rely upon for all my cosmetics. Recently I purchased an Eye Liner and a Lip Gloss, and this brand has never left me unhappy. It's like my pile of happiness lies here."
5) Kylie Cosmetics
Nupur Walia (Merchandiser)
"How in love I'm with this brand! The first name that pops up in my mind is Kylie Cosmetics. It makes me wanna shop more. Recently I purchased their new highlighters and they just got me falling. The brand really is introducing new products that is having everybody drooling."
6) Bobbi Brown
Sejal Ruhela (Social Media Marketer)
"Bobbi Brown has never left me regretting. It has always left an impression of craving for more. It has provided me with distinguishing colors eye palette and I have something different now. I'm over with those boring colors already. Thanks to Bobbi Brown!"
7) NYX
Nitika Chopra (Marketer)
"One brand that I adore wholeheartedly is NYX. I love their lipsticks. One day, I was wearing it to college, and this girl rushed up to me, complemented me on the shade and inquired about the name of the shade. And she loved it as much as I love it. That's how our friendship started and now we are like best of friends. This is how NYX made me meet her and has been my favorite since then."
Aneesha Sharma (Social Media Marketer)
"I came across this brand when I passed class 12th, and it has been my favorite since then. It's the only brand that I use for my lips for happy lips. It doesn't need any touch-ups and is a shade which solves both my purpose of applying it in parties and casually. I don't think I can ever get comfortable using any other brand than Nars."
(Note: We are not sponsoring any brand.)

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