Plans for this holi? Pool party or thinking to celebrate it at home? Add a little spice to your party this time with some different and unique products. How amazing that would be to have products in your party which people have never seen before. Take a look before they are all fished out.
1) Cotton Candy Maker
What if you could create cotton candy on your own? Wouldn't that be so amazing? Adding something so unique in your party would have all the people drooling. Check out the fun!
2) Pool Float
When it's a pool party that you've planned and you're not ready with things!  Why not adhere to something different and add pool floaties to your party? All your guests would love these shaped floaties and so will you.
3) Tetris DIY LED Lamp
Imagine decorating your party with these LED lamps instead of a normal lightning. With these lights, you can add more colors to your already colorful holi. Fetch them before there are no more left in stock.
4) Vintage Transparent Mason Jars
Confused about the crockery? Scared of using your new crockery set with the possibility of it getting wrecked? Don't be. Buy these Mason Jars from Mango People at such affordable rates and save your favorite set.
5) Party Freezer Ice Shots Maker
How about treating your guests with these party freezer ice shots maker. Just fill them with your favorite mocktail or cocktail, refrigerate them for 1-2 hours and then you'll be unmoulding shotglasses with your favorite drink.
6) Selfie Stick
Would you really prefer using your phone for pictures with colors printed on your hands? Of course not. You wouldn't want to leave permanent colors on your phone just for pictures. Isn't it? Why not use a selfie stick for all the memories?
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