It's a pretty confusing state when it comes to bae having a bad day. It's really difficult to figure out as to what will make him feel better and finer. But don't you worry girlies, here are some ways that will make him feel stronger and will drive him crazy over you. Because all everybody need is, a little pinch of love, affection and a pile of unexpected surprises.
1)"Just called normally, what are you doing, baby?"
Well, checking on him every minute will leave him thinking about you and will give him a break from something that's been troubling him. It will definitely give him a peace of mind, and that's eventually what you need!
2)"Come out, I'm waitin'!"
Oh my my! Could there be a better gesture to express this feeling? We guess, not! He will definitely go in another space, when he gets a call from you saying that you're waiting for him outside and that he needs to come as soon as possible. This will make his shattered day bright!
3)"I Love You!"
Repeating that you love him will drive him out of the blue. Saying you love him all the time will make him crave for you more and it will make it easier for him to bid goodbye to all his worries.
4)"Baby, since you love gym so much; how about working out together?"
You know it, gym is his second favorite thing after you, why not work out with him? You know he will love working out with you, and this will make his day better.
5)"Open the door, there's a surprise!"
Ordering his favorite cuisine and getting it delivered to him would be so perfect! Food will definitely spin his head round and he will feel so blessed to have you. He will thank you with kisses later.
6)"I've your favorite show on repeat!"
How about binge watching his favorite TV show? Call him and tell him that you've his favorite show on repeat and he will simply slurp to the surprise!
7)"Let's go grab a beer together?!
Asking him to grab a beer and hanging out would be so his things! After such a pathetic day, he would want to grab a beer and hang out with you. It would change his mood for good!
8)"We're going on a road trip, and I'm gonna drive this time!"
Take him on a road trip where you drive and he sits next to you for a change. He will love this change, and he will definitely love sitting next to you watching you drive. Break the stereotype and try something new!

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