Home furnishing is booming extravagently in India. It is the new shiny toy that everybody is using to decorate their home lavishly. Home furnishing market is growing exponentially and has the largest chunk of young population under their spell. Listed below are some products that people are hovering over:
1) Cinema Lightbox Lamp
The view is from Alia Bhatt's new house built in Mumbai. She has introduced a new lightbox quoted as 'Take me to the moon' to her style statement. That gives such a unique look to the room! You can also give the same vibrant look to your room and buy it here.
2) Cupcake Muffin Tissue Dispenser
Now add a new collection of tissue dispenser at your home for a quirky experience. These tissue dispensers will fill your home with a glimpse of attraction that will take everybody's attention away. You can shop your choice of color here.
3) Cloud Key Holder
Get over with the average key holders already! It's time you cling on to something new and 'out of the blue' to mark your style statement. You can buy this key holder here.
4) Ice Cream Cone Table Lamp
Get your favorite flavour of ice cream wrapped in this beautiful table lamp. Don't let that ice cream hide in the freezer, it's time to flaunt it off. You can buy your favorite cone here.
5) Read-A-Holic Book Clock
Hey, you nerd! The best clock for you to stack it up between your book shelf. A mind blowing idea to keep you studying and going all the time! Let unique complete your work. You can shop this wonderful clock here.
6) Minion Bed Comforter
Go as quirky as the bed! A new way of decorating your home with bed cum comforters. Now you can conquer the uniqueness and rule it all. Shop this Minion bed here and other quirky gifts online.

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