Packing up for a vacation oceanside, or a day at beach and looking up for just the right products to make it worth all the while? Here we've just rounded up the right essentials for your next beach vacation. You just can't miss anything from the list, because you can't let your joy suffer!
1) The Selfie Stick
Capturing the beach vacation in a frame would be tough, but an important thing to do too. Who wouldn't want to capture and record all the memories and days spent to relish them later? Selfie stick has made it easier and now you can click pictures even when you're at a beach.
2) Pins & Patches
To give you the perfect beach look, try the pins and patches and patch them to your outfits. These are iron on patches, can be heat pressed or sewed and the set contains 4 patches each. Hurry up and let your style statement do the talking.
3) Lens Kit
You need something to keep your contact/consmetic lenses afe somwhere while you go to surf, right? And just for the perfect beach vibe, a cap lens kit would be so cool.
4) Your Beach Towel
Beach towel is the main thing that cannot be missed carrying. It is the center of attraction and has to be the best, right? Choose your favorite!
5) Pool Floatie
You definitely need a pool floatie to slay that beach. And having a quirky pool floatie by your side to float in would be so cool, know?
6) Passport Holder
Without passport you obviously cannot travel to your favorite beach spot if you're travelling through flight, and it is always a worrysome thing to tackle your passport so that it doesn't misplace. Now you can choose your best pick of passport holder and travel tension free!
7) Luggage Tags
Give your luggage an exotic look with these luggage tags and get the true vibe of flying and travelling. It is the last minute excitement to your trip!
8) Power Banks
A vacation definitely requires charged phone, either to contact or to click a hell lot of pictures for reliving them. While going on a beach it's dificult to find a plug point, isn't it? A portable power bank will solve all your issues of drained battery and unavilable charging points.
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