A fashionable phone case is a trend these days.These are such a saviour, I tell you. They help us protect our precious phones in the best way ever and adds glamorous grace to our phone if chosen right. Even if you've a broken glass or a poor glass that's coming out, a phone cover will definitely set it all right. Here are some phone covers that have tiwsted the trend.
1) Burn It Down
This time secure your phone with this super-amazing Burn It Down phone case from Mango People. It is available for iphone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus. 'Coz a little glamour is never out of fashion.'
2) Diamond Holographic Case
Holograms are an anywhere and anytime wear. It is something that can never go out of trend and will always keep you craving for them. This super cool holographic case is available for models of iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus.
3) Aquarium Fish Pond
A phone cover so quirky, making even the fish peep out. This phone cover is available for all models of iPhone 6. Hurry up, own your aquarium already!
4) Mickey/Minnie Fur Ball
Oh, that cute Mickey and Minnie fur ball! Now that's a rex rabbit 3D fluffy fur case that has made everybody toying around. This case is available for iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 6S Plus.
5) Macaron Case
Spoil yourself today only to not regret tomorrow. This delicious macaron case is available at Mango People for all the models of 6. Buy and spare yourself the regret!
6) Tassle Mirror Case
This time just don't spend on tassled accessories but phone cover too. You can pick up your favorite colored tassle and personalise your phone with this flawless phone cover. It is available for iPhone 6S Plus & 6 Plus.
7) King/Queen Case
The perfect phone case for your 'being labelled' attitude. This will bring out the king/queen out of you! It is available for iphone 6 Plus & iPhone 6S Plus.
8) Fortune Gold Charm Case
Presenting you the 3/4th silver colored cover that will provide a firm grip to your phone. It is available in two colors, gold and silver and is compatible with iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 6S Plus.
9) Denim Pocket Back Case
A new trend of denim pocket for phone has popped up. Now you can even keep your phones safe in your choice of denim pocket. It is available for iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 6S Plus.
10) Caticorn Case
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This extremely soft and gentle phone case cover is available in two colors, black and transparent. Holding this cover is as if you're holding a cotton in your hand with a strong back. This case is available for iPhone 7 & iPhone 7S Plus.

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