Did your feet ever tremble when you see someone hopscotching outside your window? Do you still smile when you see Tom chasing Jerry ? When you open your lunchbox while sitting on your office desk, do you miss the fun you used to have during your recess in your school? Do you miss the sweet fragrance of your grandmother's hug? 
                               These incidents which triggers hundreds and hundreds of feelings from the cluster of our  memories, brings back a smile on our face and at times leaves us teary eyed. The atmosphere of grandmother's home, the memory of summer evenings with family and friends in front yard could be triggered unexpectedly and flood our senses with sounds and smells.
                               Turn around-the girl behind you is wearing a high waist bell-bottom jeans and a lace up top. Now rave your mother's cupboard, pull out that old photo album of her childhood, you would see her wearing the same style. Everything that we wear today is a blast from the past. Seeing you dressed like this would definitely give a nostalgic feeling to your mother.
                                Be it the choker necklaces, Harry Potter or Powerpuff girls, this summer has felt like a serious blast from the past. As the years go by, we all develop a certain degree of nostalgia for our younger days. The games we played, the food we ate, the music we listened to – they all make us feel something.
 Nostalgia is shown to be both a driver of empathy and social contentedness, and a potent internal antidote for loneliness and alienation. So give yourself a break and let the 90's child inside you live its childhood again.

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