The makeup that you apply should not only make you look beautiful, it must make you feel great too. Your personality, your style, your confidence, the weather- these are all things that will greatly affect your final choices as to how you will wear your makeup at music festivals this year.
OTT (OVER-THE-TOP), this is where you can go wild and unleash the party beast. From face decals, face paint and an abundance of glitter – there are many stylish looks to choose.
This is an all-time favorite for any festival goers. This year festival glitter is popular than ever, particularly in eye and lips. Glitter comes in various sizes, colors and even shapes. They can range from cosmetic glitter dust to the same craft glitter you used to make Valentines cards with as a kid.
Fine glitter; makeup or craft, is best to use over the eyes; as larger sized, coarser particles of glitter can feel cumbersome and uncomfortable. Additionally, you don’t want one of those getting into your eyes. Vaseline can be used to keep the glitter in place.
Use shaped craft glitter such as stars or hearts to create patterns around the eye area or down your cheek. Glitter mascaras, which accentuate your eyes. Every time you blink, you will glimmer, shimmer and sparkle.
Glitter does not need to always be bright or bold. Opt for a subtler look by applying a bronze or gold glitter over a nude for your eyes and your lips.
But we're over finding glitter on our faces when we're back in the office on Monday morning. Our solution- Grownup glitter: chunky flecks of sparkle that stand out from the crowd but can be swiped off before you can say wet wipe. Other ways to wear glitter without it getting it everywhere are with sequins – try them on your temples – or sparkly bindis and temporary tattoos. Get creative with false eyelash glue, sticking some sparkle where you want it.

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