Here at Mango People we love selling creative and quirky products and can't wait to add to our collection! We are constantly working on new options, by imagining what we would love to have in our home.
Our goal is to brighten up your décor with our Cinema Lightboxes, and to curate the perfect gift item, reminiscent of the old days before smart phones and digital technology took over.
Get a peak in the past, back when we used to create crafty custom signs to express ourselves, or placed visual reminders of motivational quotes around the home. We hope we can start a new trend in India with a timeless piece that is perfect for any mood, season and occasion!
                  This customizable Cinema lightbox will never look the same. Change the alphabets to suit your mood, set a reminder, add a quote, or showcase the title of your favorite movie.
Exhibit your amazing ideas by sliding the bold type through the rails. The bright background enhances the bold alphabets perfectly, adding a retro vibe to any room in the house. Our Cinema Lightbox lets you decide what should be featured on the big screen—whether it’s words to your favorite song or a cheerful note to your family.
Grab your Cinema Lightboxhere!

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