Fall is almost getting over, winters are nearing, Are you excited? Winters are for warm blankets, cozy nights and hot chocolate. It is for the cold and lazy mornings.
We agree it can get a little difficult to look stylish and yet keep your self warm. The best part about this season is when you can wear anything beneath your jackets/sweatshirt and no ones even coming to know. Styling is even more fun in winters as you can wear outfits in so many ways.
The moody and dim lights, soft blankets to snuggle up in, warm night suits to jump around in.
Putting across some crazy products thats surely is escorting you from the chilly days and nights.
1) Onesies: Onesies are night wear overalls. Hoodies are a must have for winters.They are one of our special product and whats the harm when you can be cute and stay warm at the same time? From being your favourite animal to being a magical Unicorn or even a Minion. We have them all in our collection of onesies for girls.
2) Faux Mongolian Fur Blankets: Blankets are one thing you look upto snuggle in and specially the soft fur ones. We've got that covered for you
3) Hoodies: Hoodies are hands down an important clothing for winters and we bet you couldn't agree any less. We have the super fun hoodies where you can be a cat, a Mickey mouse, panda or even a Unicorn.
4) Mermaid Blankets: Why be human when you can be a mermaid? We have the super cool mermaid blankets and they are surely keeping you warm.
5) Plush slippers: Plush around in cute and unique slippers and they are surely saving you from the cold feet that you are going to get during winters. We have a wide range of slippers, the variety ranges from poop slippers to unicorns, Minions, panda, pickachu and many more.
6) Tracksuits: The all new Mango People product is here and we are currently gushing over it! It is our new range for the winters. The cropped sweatshirt and tracks are a must have lounge wear for your gym trips or even for your long hour flights. Be warm and chic at the same time.
7)Velvet Pyjama Sets: Bringing back the velvet night suits which is our current hot listed product and its super comfy and perfect for your winter nights.

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