Birthdays are party-some but when it's your guy's birthday, it's festal! And who wouldn't want to make every bit of his birthday special? You can start with deciding on his birthday gift which is a question that puts answers in dilemma and makes it almost difficult to plan anything further.
But here, we have all the ideas that you can apply on your guy's next birthday!
1) Shave Kit
Gifting him a shaving kit where in he could keep everything together in an organised way would be such a great idea! I'm sure he has never received such a gift and all his stuff would be in such a mess. This would be something he will be pleased to have, and it's a way of telling him how much you like to keep things in place.
2) Wallet
You know he has a habit of losing his money and important documents/ID proofs when he tends to forget his things in the car holder and searches for it all day browsing his pocket and wardrobe. Why not gift him a trendsetting wallet to let him place all his things properly?
3) 23 Gifts for 23 Years
Surprising him with the same number of gifts as his age would blow his mind, definitely! To complete the list, you may add up presents like phone covers, a jar full of notes, tie, belt, and other tiny things to complete the number.
4) Picture Collage
Arranging all the memories and putting them together with quotes for all the pictures, describing the day would leave him in tears. You too will have smiling tears in your eyes while reliving the memories and making way for the new ones. He would love both you and the gift immensely.
5) Reasons why you love him notes
Get a Jar, fill it with reasons of why you love him and name it as '____ number of reasons why I love you'. You can even add the same number of chocolates as the reasons to decorate it more and he can eat one chocolate at a time while reading one reason.
6) Home Dinner Date
If you're a great cook, you can cook food for him at your place and invite him over. You can design a Menu of the food items you're cooking and name it with things related to you two. For instance: Cuddling Pasta, Love with the Pizza; and you can let him choose as to what he wants first for the dinner.
7) A box full of liquor
If he is crazy about drinking, gifting him a box full of quarters would make his day! To make it more creative, take a heart shaped box and fill it with his favorite brand of liquor and gift it to him. He will get head over heels crazy about the gift and you.
8) Watch
If he's late every time, ask for his favorite brand and gift him a watch so that he is on time always. Make it unpredictable by wrapping it in a cake box and record his expression when he opens it and finds a watch.
9) Adorable Slide show
Well, if you're thinking to gift him something that nobody has gifted, believe us, this would be the best thing ever! Make a slide show of your memories, with songs, and movies that you've watched together, places you've been to and club them together cutely. He will not have words to express how much he loves you!
10) Scrapbook
Here's another option for an out of the box gift. Design a scrapbook with pictures and memories of him with you and his friends, reminding him of all the good days, he has spent with you and his friends. It'll make him relive all the good moments and he will simply adore you for that.
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