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TITLE-  Light the candles in the dark and shine like the fireflies.

The poker cards shaped decorative candle...

Yes, you read it right a poker shaped candle just for you. You can light this candle near the poker table while playing your cards; this will give you a luxurious feeling at your party. If you’re a huge poker fan or if you know someone who loves to play poker then you just arrived at the right place. Grab this poker card just for 1,100 rs.  

Gold honeycomb bottle holder....

If you want to show off your bottles during the Diwali party why don’t you look for something that can be easily placed on top of the bar, and can be quite evident of your relatives to see this beautiful masterpiece? You can purchase this at 1,100rs.

Scented candles...

Dim the lights in your room and light this scented candle that has the essence of vanilla your sense of smell gets activated and you suddenly feel safe and relaxed calmness runs in your blood and all the stress goes away, and you can buy it at

Good vibes only pendant with wish card...

Do you feel like you know someone who is not a very lively person and has a lot of work pressure? This pendant could bring the joy and light back to their life as little things can be huge for some people and if you know someone special you can definitely gift them this pendant which is only for 325rs.

Star string LED Lights...

Buying something which is useful till the time the product is still alive it is actually beneficial for everyone. These star sting LED lights will be the perfect décor for your Diwali party and it will also work well once you have decorated it in your room, or you can hang this in your balcony where everyone can star gaze at this start string led light, you can purchase this piece 850rs.




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