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TITLE- The magic within reality.

Magical Unicorn pen and notebook set...

Who doesn’t love having a diary that would bring in calmness and positivity even when you think nothing’s going your way? These could work so well within your school stationaries. If you’re looking to spend your money in school supplies why don’t you go with the cutest ones? Just one look at this diary would make you feel happy and warm just like a unicorn.  

The Choco bite pen...                    


Look at these trendy cute pens; these are perfect for the ones who love to be the coolest person in their group with the most adorable stationeries. These pens can bring warmth just as how a dairy milk chocolate works but definitely without Calories. These pens can be included in your stationary and can bring a little color in your pencil box case.

The piggy chalk board...

These are the perfect chalk board for someone who loves to write everything in a little bit of details, like the grocery list or the amount spend. You can hang this at the top of your kitchen wall or even in your bedroom. These hangings can also be useful for putting up quotes, you can use quotes such as ‘you’re a roller coaster that only goes up’ from the movie the fault in our stars…. that would motivate you throughout the day.

The Omg Sticky notes...

Are you someone who’s always busy? And is it difficult for you to give time to your family? But have a lot to say to them? Then these sticky notes would definitely be in your favor… you can make a perfect date plan or dinner schedules with your family or you could motivate your colleagues by sticking these cute sticky notes on their desk… or assign some work in the end. These would stick well in the study room, or in the kitchen where everyone can have their eyes on them.

 Rose gold diamond paper clip...

These golden paper clips can be the sassiest paper clips you can use. These are eye catchy and a bit adorable for your paper work. These come in different shapes of arrow, pineapples, and even a bow clip….And yes paper clips can be very useful for the ones who love to read and write. So, if you want a collection of paper clips these would be the trendiest one to go for. They can make your writings easier and tidy without any mess.




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