It's time you wear the latest arrivals before any of your friend does. For today, we have rounded up 7 new arrivals of this month that will  enhance your wardrobe, needed you set your hands on them.
So don't wait, check out our picks for the month below and make them yours already!
Presenting you the Denim Applique Backpack by Mango People for you to blend with the pin & patch season.
It's time to replace all those obselete makeup brushes with the new
Introduce softness to your feet with these Pink Narwhal Plush Slippers from Mango People.
The best thing for your coffee disorder is here finally -Coffee Enamel Pin. Pin it up and get going.
Add some glittery glamour to your phone with these beautiful phone cases online and let it make a style statement.
The snutch season is here and there you are without it. Mango People has just introduced its new snutch bags. Explore here.
Let your magic wand play with your makeup and create a mystical you. Make these brushes a part of your dressing closet. Buy them here.

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