It's pretty ordinary to express what you feel verbally, but what would it be like to express feelings without even talking? Ever wondered or thought about it? Mango People introduces a non-verbal way of expressing your emotions.
1) Conversation Bubble Lightbox
Possibilities are you can play around with the bubble lightbox and express whatever you feel while jotting it down on the light box itself. It comes with 3 colored pens - red, black, blue and an eraser. Explore more.
2) Your Favorite Pin
Here's your favorite pin for your favorite emotion. It's time to let your pins mark your style statement and tell the world what you feel! Explore here for more.
3) Statement Bag
Where's your list? That statement bag is gonna say a lot more than what you already wanna express, isn't it? An only quote is enough to let 'em know. You canexplore here.
4) Phone Cover
Presenting you a combination of both being a fun-freak and a workaholic. If you're a blend of both, then these definitely define what's on your mind all the time.Explore here for more.
5) Cinema Lightbox
An amazing way to play around with letters and emojis and placing it on the light. Now you can freely tell everybody about what you feel. You can even jumble up with the color of the letters. Explore more to buy phone cases online.

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