She constantly rang the doorbell furiously, as soon as he opened the door, she rushed in and threw her bag on the sofa next to the entrance door. He just had one glance of her face before she rushed to their bedroom and in that one glance he noticed she was teary eyed. Tears not of sadness but of raging anger that she was holding in. She was home early from work, he could tell something was wrong. He walked in the room concerned about what has happened? She was pacing left and right in the room, he wanted to ask what is the matter but couldn’t dare to.
After all this while few words came out her mouth, “Why? Why? Why?” At that moment, he began to think what he could have possibly done to make her this upset. And then the lava that she was holding in, busted.
Why there has to be a man by my side to take all my life decisions? Coz I feel sorry about the fact that I was brought up in a family where the men of the family taught me what’s right and what’s wrong for me?
Why can’t I wear dresses in which I can flaunt my cleavage or show a hint of my thigh? Coz doing that I may not be just flaunting it, but risking it!
Why I am considered as a slut, a whore, a skank and more, when I am hanging out with a guy who is not my husband or brother? Coz I am scared that the protector of the patriarchy will drag me by my hair and would beat me to death.
Why I am supposed to say “Yes” to a man’s proposal, who is close to the age of my father? Coz I am scared that I could be the next acid attack victim.
Why my voice only meant to quiver, “Ugh, please, fast”, when all I want to say, “No, not today”? Coz I am sacred that my husband would go after another woman for his satisfaction.
Why me laughing at my boss’s joke is not being courteous, but me just “wanting it”? Coz now he somehow has the right to grab me anytime he wants and I am scared that he would fire me, if I complaint about him.
This is not an all men thing I know, trust me I do. But the men I can trust are only a few.
He just stood there, understanding the bane of the womb, and then walked to her, hugged her and whispered in her ear, “I respect you, I love you for being you”.
That’s all she wanted to hear, a tear rolled down her cheek and she melted in his arms like a blown-out candle. The tears of anger turned into agony and then into solace.

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