Taffy Pompom Rug

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Do you live in a house with a real Princess? A Princess who loves pink color, Pink clothes, pink decorations.. then This Taffy Pompom rug from Mango People will be a dream come true for her! Put it in the center of the room - it will play the main role in that place. Put it near the bed - it will be the best experience for her feet when she wakes up. It's fluffy, soft and simply irresistible... and it's in shape of a heart! Each pom pom is twice sewed to the cotton carpet bottom to assure the strength. Acrylic yarn from which pom poms are made is very thin and makes the pom poms very soft, perfectly round and fluffy.

Product specifications

  • Pom Poms: thin acrylic yarn,
  • Rug Bottom: 100% cotton grid,
  • Thickness : 3,4"/ 8 cm,
  • Diameters: 36"/ 90 cm, 40"/100 cm


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