Rainbow Umbrella

Mango People
SKU: MP40206
Rs. 1,399.00 Rs. 1,599.00

One afternoon it’s bright sunny day and all of sudden the sky is murky. You can expect rain drops at any moment. Walking down the road can be a struggle, it’s important that you be prepared.

Hence, Mango People introduces you to this adorable and super-sized rainbow umbrella that looks like it's coming straight from the heaven. It not just protects you from the rain but is the perfect compliment to any outfit.

This jumbo size umbrella can easily fit in 2-3 people together, so enjoy the rains with your loved ones and have a great time together.


Packaging: Individually Packaged
Material: Nylon
Control: Automatic
Handle: High quality fibre and metal
Width: (Approximate) Open: 105 cm
Length: (Approximate) 78 cm
Color: 24k Rainbow Colors



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