Plush Owl Quilt and Cushion Set

Mango People
SKU: MP20053
Rs. 1,899 Rs. 2,999

Plush Owl Quilt and Cushion are made for those who love a cute makeover for their rooms. Be it those cozy winter nights or chilled room during the summer, this quilt would definitely add up beauty wherever you are. Isn't it irresistible?

All we wish for is a good, sound and a cozy sleep and wake up with an absolutely fresh, smiling face. Waking up to this amazing Plush Owl Quilt and Cushion on your bed or your favorite sofa, would definitely brighten up your day! The absolutely soft, velvety touch adds up to the beauty of it and makes you never want to leave.

  • Size: Blanket Size: 90*70cm, Owl Size: 20-30cm
  • Type: Non-woven
  • Material: Coral Fleece Fabric
  • Can be Hand-washed and Sun-dried




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