Kawaii Plush Panda Slippers

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Aren't pandas just too adorable? Don't you wish that you could just squish your feet into pandas and stay cosy and warm snuggling with them? But dear pandas are endangered and we don't want to harm them right? 

So, we just had to have some Kawaii Panda Slippers made. They are just as adorabe and squishy as pandas are and are super snuggly!

Kawaii Panda Slippers features a smiling face on the front and underneath the slippers are skid-resistant base which help with traction - because you don't want to be slipping all over the place in your Kawaii Panda Slippers.

Product Specifications

  • Materials: Polyester fibers and polyurethane foam
  • Care Instructions: Surface wash only. Air dry.
  • Sizing: Free Size up to 10"




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