Jelly Tummy Cute Panda Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus

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Rs. 199.00
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Hey there fellas !! Mango people has been able to find a perfect alternative to fidget spinners for you. This phone case surely is going to put a smile on your face and would help relieve stress by touching the squishy panda belly. So poke it, squish it, rub it and get that amazing feeling!


Product Specifications: 

  • Highly protective and dust proof case

  • Material: Silicone Case
  • The cover is designed in such a way that gives you easy accessibility to all buttons for smooth functioning of the phone.
  • Compatibility: iPhone 6 Plus /6s Plus

Other Information:

If you're looking for some cool phone cases , you are at the right place. Mango people phone cases are simply unique & classy. 



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