Cable Protectors-Bow Shaped (Buy 1 Get 1)

Mango People
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Stop your cables from snagging with protection provided by Mango People!

  • Most Lightning cables get worn out after 6-8 months and the cable starts to tear open at the base of the connector. The cable might still work, but exposed internal wires are considered a safety hazard, and unless you want wrap it up with electrical tape, you'll have to buy a new Lightning cable. Mango People wants you to be safe
  • It's the best protective gear that your Lightning cables have always dreamed of. Lightning Saver is tiny but effective,simple but strong, to protect your cables against twists and turns. With Lightning Saver, your cable will last longer and be safer.
  • The industrial rubber inner layer absorbs impacts and prevents harmful twists and bends. The hard outer layer stands against damage and securely keeps the unit in position. Combined, Lightning Saver is your strongest choice for your worn Lightning cables, or to keep your new cables from getting frayed.

Customer Reviews

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Aastha G.
Amazing and unique design. Mango People has the best stuff.
Gaurika Behl V.
Its a very practical design especially if you have children... Preventing the wire to break up
Shilna K.
Its perfect as it protects the cable from breakage. Must buy for iphone users
Karishma G.


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