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Aren't you bored wearing the same basic clothes and accessories? Now to update your wardrobe it is always not necessary to spend a lot and buy a entire wardrobe. 
Most of you have probably noticed Pins and Patches all over the place in the fashion trend. From clothes to accessories pins and patches are used to bring a character to the outfit. This is always an easy and more of an economical way to create your own personalised fresh wardrobe.
So now let us not waste more time and grab our favourite pins and patches and start our creativity. 
At times DIY projects are boring but I am 100% sure this will be the best DIY project you will do without fail. 
So the next question you might have is how to style? 
You need not worry, here are some quirky and unique way to style them.
1. Baseball caps - 
 2. T-shits -
 3. Jeans -
 4. Jackets -
6. Shoes -
Here are some quirky and fashionable Pins and Patches to look for. Let’s play smart and bring our creativity to a next level. 


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