If life was a box of chocolates everything would be sweet with no Bitterness. Everybody wishes their life would be like a variety of chocolates like dark chocolate, white or rather mint chocolate.You never know what life is going to give.You simply float along with ups and downs. Even if you want to taste every bit of life, something is always left behind. Despite of everything you like to live bravely.
Personally I'm a white chocolate kind of person sweet, innocent with a little crunch. Everybody have there own taste depending on their mood. Chocolate is love. Mostly when people buy chocolate they're actually buying love.
Life is unpredictable. You have to decide what's right and wrong for you. In matter of education, travelling, savings, love and what not. Nobody is correct expect your own instinct. Stop comparing your life with others. Try to bring out the best in yourselves. Start experiencing new things. Each new experience - is something you truly don't think about until you quit it. It may not be the best experience you like. It might be the best experience ever. So try out new chocoaltes whenever you can.
Life is short. Enjoy every little things. Believe in yourself and that you are. Know that there is something inside you which is greater than any obstacles.

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