Love for Unicorn Gifts is just never-ending because Unicorns are definitely a girl's best friend. As much as we like to live in our fairylands, girls like to sprinkle some fairy dust through their unique collection of beauty products, brownie points if they are HANDMADE! Yes, OMG! MangoPeopleShop has brought an exclusive range of handmade soaps, scrubs, potions and whipped creams that are handcrafted by an artist based in Mumbai and would take you to a universe of pastel whipped soaps, candylands and chocolat-y wash bars.

1. Unicorn Dreams Gift Box

Alert! These products smell like heaven and you might just get lost into dreaming about Unicorns and flying on rainbow carpets....can you feel it?
Okay, back to reality! The box consists of Unicorn Dreams Body Wash, Foaming Scrubby Cubes that look edible and it's quite hard to resist, unicorn whipped soap scrub which looks like an ice-cream made by a Goddess and a delicious lip balm.

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2. Pretty In Pink Gift Box

Is pink your favourite colour too? If yes, this gift box could be the beauty box of your dreams. Consisting of a Love Potion Body Wash that looks like it's coming straight from the Barbies, a pink doughnut soap (wait, WHAT?) a sugary sweet pink lip balm and a sanitizer to wash all of your dirty little germs and make your hands smell like a fairy.

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3. Lavender Lovin' Gift Box

Lilac Dreams! Doesn't that sound so refreshing already? Well, if you're a fan of fresh flowers and like to connect with Mother Nature, this handmade gift box consisting of a Lilac Body Wash, Foaming Scrubby Cubes, Mermaid Kisses Whipped Soap and Lavender Body Buff can transport you to a land of crystal clear blue waters and give you a fresh breathe of aromatic gardens. Nurture your soul, body and mind with a refreshing body spa with this beauty kit.

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4. Just Peachy Gift Box

One of our personal favourites as we might be a peachy baby, we just can't get over this beauty box containing all this orange-y that opens up your mind and gives you a delightful spa-feels. Consisting of a total of five products, it's a complete package from start till end - Sweet Peach Lip Scrub, Sweet Peach Foaming Scrubby Cubes, Peach Bellini Body Buff, Sweet Peach Lip Balm, Just Peachy Body Wash and Just Peachy Scented Candle.

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5. Strawberry Delight Gift Box

The attractive handmade gift box has been designed for strawberry lovers and you have to trust us, it smells delicious even before applying them on. Equipped with Sassy Strawberry Scrubby Cubes, Strawberry Scented Donut Soap, Strawberry Sorbet Lip Scrub and Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm, this could be the most memorable gift for anybody or as a personal spa kit that you could pamper yourself with every weekend.

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