Guess what’s back in fashion? Yes,super comforty and trendy Fanny packs or Bum Bags
Fanny Packs excitement can be seen all over the social media.This oh-so-important accessory is being seen at every festival, concert, sporting event, beach, vacation, walking dogs around town,when running for your work and even in every fashion ramp shows. From Rihanna to Kate Bosworth all are going bananas over fanny packs. Whether you are wearing them to be funny, ironic or downright dapper, we don’t care, as long as you are hands free!
Mango People has made your work easy, you can find them on our site and have one for yourself.
1. Sass it Up Bumbag
With a touch of denim you can match them up with your formals and give yourself a contrasting look.
2. Silver Twinkle BumBag
This bum bag helps you to sparkle inside out.
3. Grey Twinkle Bumbag
Pair them up with your party outfits and slay your look wherever you go.
4. Dream Cream Fur Bumbag
Giving you the whimsical look so you can enjoy being a pixie.
5. Blossom Pink Bumbag
Be all girlish with these and relish your look.
Why sit back and adore when you can follow the fashion trend?
You can view the product here:

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