Good vibes definitely happens on the tides.
So where are you heading for your Christmas vacations?
Packing up all your important stuff is a difficult thing, so here is a list of things that are ‘must have’ on your list and your vacation will become an easy one.
1. Passport holder
Well it’s the best way to keep a grip on your passport.
2. Eye mask
Cover on your eyes and go on a hibernation mode on the go.
3. Backpacks
Pack up your things and switch on your escape mode on.
4. Beach mats
Soak up some rays right after a quick dip in water and click a sun kissed selfie.
5. Selfie sticks
Everyone not fitting in one frame? Grab one and get everyone in one picture.
6. Neck pillow
Travel in comfort.
7. Onesies
When travelling why give onesie a ditch when you can be different and just be another character!


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