Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India and has got its own charm. Diwali is known as the festival of lights, a feeling of togetherness and happiness. The best part of Diwali for all is giving and receiving. This time lets not buy the same boring gifts for our loved ones and make it predictable like the other times. Let's have fun and surprise them with some unique and cool gifts. Without spending a bulk, let us do a smart shopping.
Here are some quirky and trendy gift ideas which you can follow and make your purchase.
1. Luxurious looking fur blanket will definitely be a show stopper. 
2. For all the makeup lovers you know. The unicorn brushes will surely bring a magical element.
3.  This cute canopy will be is too adorable to miss.
4. Wall posters with quirky designs will give a personal touch and edge to their room.
5. Marquee lights are too cute and definitely is pocket-friendly.
6. Who doesn't need a portable charger? 
7. Cushions and Pillows will be loved by all.

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