Pins & Patches are taking over the trend everywhere. It's a new style statement now and a newer concept to enhance outfits. Even if you're planning to enhance that old outfit, or just planning to get something new stitched in a fashionable way, these pins & patches are all you need.
Mango People welcomes some new patches to their family, grab a look and choose your set of satsifaction.
1) I feel the Summer!
We welcome the summer with these super cool summer vibes set!
2) I'm a Designer!
Can you see the designer in me? Yes, this is absolutely designed for me.
3) I'm your Original Love!
Tag your original love with these love patches.
4) Bon Voyage!
Wishing you a safe and sound journey. Enjoy!
5) That's my Girl Gang!
Where's your girl gang? Hashtag them!
6) I'm going to the Beach!
I'm packing up and leaving. It's beach time!
7) You're my Best Baby!
I'm the baby princess and you're my best baby.
8) My Unicorns are better than yours!
Have a look at my unicorns. Aren't they just so eyecatching?
9) I'm entering the Danger Zone!
He's dangerous, I'm dangerous, we all are dangerous.
10) My Mickey Mouse nails it!
Look at my Mickey Mouse. Isn't it just so Amazing?
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