Do you think Segway-ing is dangerous? You must meet these Boys ASAP. 


Mesmerizing, Hypnotizing, Magnetizing......We are definitely short of words after watching this video featuring five male dancers riding Mini Segways in choreographed motion to create what is inarguably an Epic Segway Dance Cover of "What Do You Mean?" by Justin Bieber. It is, without a doubt, the greatest thing humanity has ever created. 

A video of the dance, called 'What Do You Mean / Epic Segway Dance Cover @justinbieber,' was uploaded to YouTube Thursday and has been viewed over 920,000 times.The video was filmed at Fat Eye Studios in Los Angeles, according to its description.

It also calls the clip: 'The worlds first premium conceptual segway dance youtube video!'

On Friday, a tweet from Bieber read 'Dope #WhatDoYouMean' and included the link to the video. The clip stars dancers Josh Killacky, Evan Moody, Alex Ditommaso, Damien Lavergne, Jake Deanda and was directed by David Moore. 

The lead starts with a half-body frame, texting and just walking through his garage and finally joins his friends into this enchanting dance. The group is seen in the video weaving and spinning around the studio space while performing a variety of moves on the boards. The setup of the studio- backgrounds, props and colors sync so well that you just can't stop admiring the video. From jumps to spins, crazy hand and leg movements- they do it all. At one point in the video, the dancers also get off the boards and perform on the floor.

It all seems so easy, huh? But we are sure, it would take a lot practice and determination to bring out something like that. 

One of the dancers also lip syncs the words to the popular song during the clip.

The thing you need to know about the five dancers who make up the "What Do You Mean / Epic Segway Dance Cover @justinbieber" dance crew is that they are more in time with one another than the earth is with the moon, than the sun is with the planets. That all goes to say: they are really coordinated with one another. 

The boys look quite charming and there is the confidence of a man who knows he is better at what he does than anyone else on the planet, like Michael Jordan in the '90s.

And yes, we just can't ignore the fact that a majority of credit goes to the Cameraman or the person who filmed the video. The twists and turns, low and high angles, framing the boys together in a way that each and every move is absolutely clear is really a big deal. Hats off!

We definitely need more of these talented creatures in our little planet. Way to go!

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