A wise person once said, “They can take the cubicle out of your home, but you don’t have to let them take your home out of the cubicle.” Okay, maybe no one ever said that, but it’s true nonetheless. Of course, when you’re at work you’re focused on working. But there’s something about working in a beautiful, comfortable space that’s both refreshing and important.
Read on to find out 5 products that will make you office desk FUN!
1) Macaron Storage Box
Who wouldn't love having these little macarons around? Keep your trinkets organised and your desk clean with these tiny guys! Buy them here!
2) Nacho's Memo Bag
How fun are these? Perfect for the foodie in you or to even pull a prank on your colleagues! Grab your packet here!
3) USB Portable Drink Warmer
Ever had your coffee cool down completely while you are busy working away? Mood Killer, right? This USB drink warmer makes sure that never happens! Get yours here!
4) Retro USB Mini Desk Fan
This innovative Retro USB Mini Desk Fan is your new best friend and also the  solution to all those summer blows. Simply plug in to any USB port and enjoy the fresh air! Get yours here!
5) Chocolate Notepad
This notepad not only looks like chocolate but also smells like one, How irresistible is that? Slim and Compact, its easy to carry around in your backpack! Grab yours here!

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