DIYs are the best transformation you can perform with your belongings and bring a change. It gives you a chance to create and recreate things in your own way and brings your creativity alive. Listed are some ideas that you can definitely apply with your mason jars and get their look changed. Get a look and don't forget to try them.
1) The Candy Jar
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Now, you can transform that jar into a candy jar and fill it with all your candies. It can even be used as a gifting material to your loved ones.
2) The Tealight Magic
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Want to decorate that jar with something different? This time use tealights and give your jar the look it deserves.
3) The Jar with the Cupcake
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This well presented cupcake has everybody tempting already. One of the other, breath-taking DIY could be storing your dessert in a mason jar and have everybody drooling. You can ever use it for gifting others with a label displaying a message.
4) Your Bathroom Organizer
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Now stop spending money on specified organizer and convert your jars into something unique and different. Keep all your toiletries now in your jars!
5) You can be an Artist!
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Does that jar look boring enough that the artist in you has popped out? You can glass paint your jar and fill it with bubbles of creativity. Try and get the desired result.
6) Popcorns are in the Jar
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Your popcorns are waiting for you in the jar. They're enjoying their new residence already with your favorite movie played. What are you waiting for?
7) Strings to your Light
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Add strings to your light this time with mason jars. Bewildered how to decorate these beautiful lights in a unusual manner? Trust us, decorating it in a mason jar will give it all the look you require.
8) Unnumbered pebbles got a resident.
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Give the same 'Glacial' look to your pebbles and find them a place to breathe and relive. Personify your pebbles and get them their glorious home.

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